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Social Agency Or Do It Yourself? Advantages And Disadvantages

Everyone has a Facebook page or an Instagram profile, but how many can manage these tools when a business is involved? After all, creating content and posting it on the net is something we do every day, and it doesn’t require who knows what skills, right? Yet you may have noticed that there are profiles that are more successful than others. How how? Simple: they use a strategy. Today we will see if it is preferable to entrust your business’s social channels to specialized professionals like this social agency Milan or if it is better to do everything yourself.

The Advantages Of Relying On The Social Agency

The social agency is made up of professionals, i.e., figures who have studied to work as graphic designers, copywriters, advertisers, and marketing managers. These few lines are enough to make you understand the advantages of professional management of your social channels, but that’s not all. When you rely on professionals, you save time and reach your growth goals much faster while you have plenty of time to worry about other aspects of your business.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

We cannot pretend that everything always goes smoothly. You may often find yourself in front of unqualified people who do not monitor the growth data or cannot effectively target the content published on the network. Maybe you are not in tune with the professionals you have hired, and after a few months of activity, you have not gotten anything back. To avoid these situations, choose the agency to contact, listen to various proposals and keep your distance from those who promise sensational results without knowing anything about you, your business, and your competitors.

The Benefits Of Managing On Your Own

Taking care of your social channels personally is undoubtedly more convenient from one point of view: costs. However, if your activities are not accompanied by a marketing strategy and you are not good at monitoring the results achieved, you could waste time unnecessarily, blocking the growth of your business. In addition, you will have to allow time to study social platforms because this world requires continuous and daily training.

What Are The Drawbacks?

From a competitive point of view, do-it-self management makes us waste precious time to devote to our business’s growth and customer care. This time will have to be invested in study and training and this, very often, is far from free. So you may find a fistful of flies in your hand after so many months of activity that will not have been of any use.

How To Make A Wise Decision?

The question is about costs and benefits. You have to ask yourself what your ambitions are, what growth path you want to take and how a professional could help you on this journey. Take the time to always think about the returns of your choices and evaluate quotes and proposals. Only after careful consideration will you finally be able to make the wisest decision for growing your business.

Special Agencies

They don’t offer “full service” but specialize in one or two areas. There are social media agencies, SEA agencies focusing on Google Ads, or content marketing agencies specializing in text, moving images, and infographics.

Advantages Of A Particular Agency

  • Expertise in an area, resulting in deep knowledge and possibly better performance.
  • More accessible to end the collaboration when the results are no longer correct.
  • Less risk of cross-selling
  • You only get what you need.
  • Smaller agencies are often more personal and quicker to communicate because decisions do not have to go through so many floors.
  • Possibly cheaper than a well-known and sizeable full-service agency

Possible Disadvantages

  • The offer is only limited to a part of online marketing.
  • You must look for a specialist for each area and communicate with them separately.
  • Generally high communication needs of all parties.
  • Difficulties in realizing a coherent central theme within the project. Keyword: Too many cooks spoil the broth.
  • There may be misunderstandings or disagreements about your project when communicating between agencies.
  • In the end, it may be more expensive than the entire project from a full-service agency.
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