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Spotify Is Preparing To Launch The Karaoke Mode

After a long time, Spotify is preparing to debut a karaoke feature highly appreciated by both singing and non-singing users. With so many years of presence in the market, becoming one of the most famous music streams, it is strange that Spotify has not yet launched a karaoke feature to cover this, which is also usually a favorite activity of those who love to listen to music. Well, that should come soon, according to leaked Reddit prints highlighting the “Sing-Along” feature, where users can sing their favorite songs following the lyrics and even earn a score at the end.

According to rumors, the karaoke mode of the app can be activated by opening a song and selecting the “Sing” button. Some users claim that they can already taste the feature. However, no updates have been released widely to the public, suggesting that the quality is being tested among randomly selected users. The leaked prints also show the “Off”, “More Vocal”, and “Less Vocal” buttons, which should indicate the number of people singing. With the return of in-person shows last week, the stream updated its Live Events Feed feature, showing users the live events scheduled near them. The platform will receive information from a piece of music streaming partnership with ticketing companies such as Ticketmaster, AXS, DICE, Eventbrite, See Tickets and others.

Are you black belt singing in the shower? Can’t wait to prove your skills to friends, maybe on a Saturday night when your elbow has risen a little? Go ahead and throw the gauntlet: Spotify has just announced (and released) the karaoke mode. Not only that: for the fairest competition possible, the app will judge your performance. Thanks to artificial intelligence, at the end of the song, you will receive a “precision score” based on intonation and the ability to keep time.

To activate the karaoke mode from a smartphone, swipe upwards, where you will find the text of the song you are listening to and a microphone with the words “sing”.

A similar procedure for the desktop app: in this case, the icon will be positioned at the bottom of the screen. Even if you are already dying to transform into Adele while sitting on the sofa at home, we must (partially) curb your enthusiasm: the new feature is not yet available on all devices. According to the company, the new feature launch is expected” in the coming months “, but no specific date is indicated. Some users on social media recommend updating Spotify to immediately take advantage of the karaoke mode, while others complain that this trick has had no effect.

The only sure thing is that it will not be exclusive to Premium customers but will be released regardless of the type of subscription. While the artists are already sniffing the opportunity to create new content and social challenges – inviting their fans to try their hand at singing rehearsals, which, thanks to the duets, already happens in part on TikTok – Spotify is a candidate to become the first application of musical enjoyment to move from passive listening to an operational experience, a move that could have a decidedly positive impact on the company’s balance sheets.

Karaoke is not the only news in the pipeline for Spotify: the app has also announced the creation of a ‘ Live Events Feed ‘, where users can stay updated on all the concerts of their favorite artists. Thanks to the partnership with some companies that deal with the organization of live shows, such as Ticketmaster, Dice and Eventbrite, the app will offer a list explicitly created based on the preferences and ratings of each listener.

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