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Corporate Identity: Steps To Create A Corporate Identity

Building a strong corporate identity is the foundation for the functioning of any brand or business. It is not just a logo but represents the original position of a brand on the market and the way it is perceived by internal components of the company, by customers, and by competitors. There are countless examples; for some brands, identity has become an actual art form that guides our consideration of the product; think of Apple, LEGO, or Levi’s.

Other brands, such as Snapchat, Spotify, and Airbnb, have used their identities to create a new space for themselves in the market. In short, whatever your organization or project, your corporate identity should be at the center, as it identifies how your brand communicates and influences a customer’s final decision to interact with your brand. So let’s see the essential steps to build an original and coherent Corporate identity.

How To Build A Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is the backbone of a company, both in terms of internal processes and its positioning in the market. It is, therefore, essential to underline that identity cannot be limited to aesthetics. The design of a brand that includes a logo, kits, and site graphics is just the tip of the iceberg, the outcome of a long process of analysis and creation.

  • Comparison with the team: an idea never comes from one mind. Dialogue is essential to creating new scenarios and perspectives. This brainstorming phase is the basis, or compass, to guide the brand identity creation.
  • Development of the concept: a concept takes shape from the definition of an imaginary This skeleton must be organically developed in every aspect; if the idea starts to materialize naturally, it means that you are proceeding in the right direction.
  • External feedback: submit your idea to people outside the project. Since your brand is aimed at an audience not limited to members of your team but to a target you have outlined, it is vital to submit your concept to more people who can give spontaneous and unfiltered feedback from their attachment to the idea.
  • Brand identity: a concept that works will quickly translate into a powerful and original graphic. In the creation phase of a brand’s design, one thing is fundamental, namely, consistency. Less is more; the obsession with uniqueness could lead you to exaggerate with excessive colors and graphics or inappropriate verbal messages. Your brand identity is your message—nothing more, nothing less.
  • Integrated communication strategies: having reached this step, developing a plan to share your message is necessary. This phase is to be structured in two parts: internal and external communication. The first concerns corporate organization and the second involves all the tools for making yourself known to third parties and building a brand reputation: the web, social media, events, advertising, etc.
  • Marketing strategy: what is your item? Also, how can you go to sell it? The last phase is crucial for the destiny of your business; marketing is the common thread that links the product to the end user, and to reach the specific target, it is necessary to penetrate the consumer’s head. The product must answer a need; if the market does not exist, it must be created.

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