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Create A Website: Test The IONOS Website Kit

Whether you are a sole proprietor, a small company, or a large corporation: Having your website is a must. Since professional creation is often costly, many companies create their websites. The IONOS website builder promises help, with which a website can be completed in a short time. We tested the website builder.

What Is The IONOS Website Builder?

The website construction kit from IONOS – also known as the “MyWebsite” product – is cloud-based software that can be used to create your website. The good thing is that you don’t need any previous programming knowledge. You will be guided step by step through the individual elements and will receive help and options.

You create the design and various elements directly in the front end. That means you see changes instantly and decide whether you like them or not. The product administration and the management of your information, such as the shipping of your products, takes place in the backend, i.e., in the background of your website.

Who Is The IONOS Website Builder Suitable For?

The website construction kit from IONOS is particularly suitable for sole proprietors, private users, and small and medium-sized companies who want to create a website. Although it requires a short training period for the software, it can also be made without any programming knowledge without any problems.

Both professionals and newcomers can quickly get to grips with the “MyWebsite” product from IONOS. This is mainly due to the many tools and many automatically available functions. Numerous individual adjustments can be made with the help of the editor.

A website builder is suitable for blogs, company pages for photographers, for example, and online shops. With the increasing reach of large companies, website operators also want to have a unique design, expand the functions with plugins or expand the website with subpages. Then a content management system such as WordPress makes more sense for creating a website.

What Functions Can I Find With “MyWebsite” From IONOS?

The first step is to create your main website on IONOS, “MyWebsite.” Here you can add the complete design, the subpages of your website, numerous elements such as images, maps, buttons, tables, or opening times and edit the content. The drag-and-drop editing feature pays off, especially for beginners, making it easy to determine where to add what.

If you also want to inform your visitors with tips and information on the topic, you can do so with the integrated blog and use the homepage builder to manage or import blog posts directly.

My Website From IONOS: GDPR And Data Protection

Data protection has been one of the essential points for website operators since the introduction of the GDPR at the latest. The website construction kit from IONOS is completely GDPR-compliant because all servers are located in Germany. In addition, website operators have different functions to integrate the data protection regulations on the website.

For example, cookie notifications with banners and opt-in functionality can be quickly created. Or, if you don’t need any tracking on the website, you can turn it off in the settings.

IONOS Website Construction Kit Put To The Test

We have tested the IONOS website builder ourselves. Below we will show you step-by-step how it works.

Creation Of An Line Business Card

Creating your website, including an online shop, can take a little time. So that your visitors do not come to a page where they only find the information “Page is under construction,” you can use the IONOS website construction kit to create an online business card in advance.

Here you can enter all necessary information for the first impression within a few minutes, including the name of your website, a short description, suitable social media buttons, your contact details, and your imprint. Interested parties can now contact you.

Determine The Design Of Your Website

After the online business card has been published, it goes straight to creating your website. To do this, you select the future design in the first step. With the IONOS website kit, you can choose from numerous ready-made designs. For a better overview, these are sorted by topic, for example, gastronomy & tourism or crafts.

Choose the right design for your website. Once you’ve done that, the view changes. You will always see your website with the selected design on the right side, and a function bar will appear on the left side. Here you can now gradually adapt your website.

Add Pages To Your Site

A website usually does not only consist of a single page. You can edit different pages under the “Pages” function item. In addition to your home page, this is, for example, your contact page, a photo gallery, your imprint, a blog, and your online shop.

You also have the option here of not only offering your website but also in other languages. To do this, click on “Add languages,” select your desired language and click on “Save.” You then decide where the language selection should be placed on your website.

Add Elements And Content To The Website

In the next step, you can add individual elements to your website. There are many different functions to choose from here. Drag and drop a component, such as a button, and use your mouse to place it exactly where you want it. If the element is in the right place, you can immediately make other settings, such as the link target, the button text, and the layout.

In the “Content” function item, you can then fill the individual sub-items of your website with personalised content and texts.

Create Personalised Rules

The IONOS website builder highlights the ability to create personalised rules. The editor shows you different rules from which you can select the right ones for your website.

For example, should your visitors see something different on their first visit than on recurring visits? Or do you want to display special effects on your website for special occasions and holidays? This and more are possible with personalised rules.

Make Final Settings

In the last step, you can determine the last essential things before your website is published under the menu item “Settings.” This is, for example, search engine optimization (SEO). Here you enter your page title, description, and keywords to be found more easily via Google & Co.

Website Preview On Different Devices

In the top bar, you will see three different devices, a desktop, a tablet, and a mobile device. With a click on the tablet or mobile device, you can immediately see how the design and your settings look on different devices. This gives you a better overview of whether you might want to make any changes in advance so that mobile users can also see everything optimally.

You can also use the “Preview” item to switch between the iOS and Android versions and copy the preview link if necessary.

Publish Site

As soon as you are satisfied with all the settings and the preview on the various devices, you can finally publish your website, including the online shop using the “Publish” button in the top bar. However, you still have the option to edit your website using the website builder. You can then apply the settings on the live website via “Republish.”

Experience: This Is How The Website Was Created With IONOS

Our practical test shows: The website builder delivers what it promises. Operation is not only simple but also very intuitive. Thanks to drag-and-drop, elements can be placed directly in different places and also be easily changed.

The possibility of creating a first online business card before starting the actual website is beneficial. It only takes a few minutes, and visitors then have the opportunity to contact you. In addition, the uncomplicated operation and the many functions and themes are exceptionally positive.

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