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The Top 5 Things To Do To Extend Your Headphones’ Life

Headphones are a must-have these days. They keep you company – be it while working or travelling to work, be it while working or working out, you depend upon them to provide you with your favorite tunes. You clearly cannot be without them!

If you are someone who hates changing or buying new headphones every year, then you better start taking care of them. Invest in proper headphone care and this way, you will not have to go through the tiring exercise of buying new headphones every now and then.

Keep in mind the following things while caring for your headphones:

1. Keep them clean

You can extend your headphone’s life span by simply keeping them clean. The world that we live in is a messy one, full of pollution and dust. On top of that, the inner parts of our ears also contain some dirt and wax. The fact that we carry our headphones everywhere and wear them all day long exposes them to all the first and pollution that can affect their sound output quality. That’s why it is important to keep them clean.

Just wipe them using a soft cloth or cotton pads. You can even use a sanitiser to wipe off the germs from the earmuffs. But do not spray it directly on your headphones, dampen the cloth or cotton pad and then wipe them. The headphone jack can also accumulate first, so don’t forget that part while you are cleaning your headphones. It is also recommended to not share your earphones with others.

2. Store them properly

Carrying your headphones everywhere you go seems like a very normal thing to do. Be it going to work or on vacation – the commute can be a little harsh on your headphones. You throw them around in your backpack, use them roughly and do not pay attention to their upkeep. While wireless headphones are free of any wires, they do have a charging cord that you should be taking care of.

So, if you plan on carrying your headphones everywhere you go, then better invest in a headphone case. It keeps your headphones protected and saves them from everyday wear and tear.

3. Avoid moisture

Water and electronics do not go well together, we all know that! While there are many headphones that come with an IP rating these days, it is still advisable to keep your headphones away from extreme weather conditions. We understand that you bought Bluetooth headphones so that you can sweat out easily to your favourite tunes in the gym, but make sure that you wipe off the sweat from the ear muffs after you are done using them. If you are someone who loves to wear their headphones while taking a walk on a drizzly morning, then do invest in headphones with an appropriate IP rating.

4. Have a charging schedule

While wireless headphones give you the freedom from messy wires, they bring themselves an added responsibility – that is to charge them. It is recommended to follow a proper charging routine which does not include overcharging or undercharging your headphones. As both can have a negative effect on the battery. Also, do not use your headphones while they are charging.

We understand that this sounds like a bit too much but these days you do not have to wait for a very long period of time for your headphones to charge as many come with fast charging technology.

5. Moderate the volume

Headphone speakers vibrate while producing sound. Amping the volume too high rocks the fragile sound-producing mechanisms to the core, damaging the moving parts, causing the sound to warp, and sending you on a costly trip to the ear doctor. Hence, do not keep on pushing the volume up and up. If you are someone who wants to cut out the ambient noises, then invest in bluetooth headphones with noise cancellation features.

Now that you have some idea about headphone care, allow us to introduce you to some of the best headphones from a leading company – boAt. Not only the following headphones come loaded with marvelous features, you can also count on boAt headphones care centre to take care of any technical issues:

Rockerz 550

Superbly stylish and extremely versatile, these boAt headphones come with 50mm dynamic drivers that offer superior audio quality. They offer a playtime of up to 20H and also provide physical noise cancellation.

Nirvana 751 ANC

Sleek and comfortable, these headphones come equipped with 40mm drivers that produce unbeatable music. The hybrid active noise cancellaton technology allows you to cut out the ambient noises and immerse yourself in the world of music. They offer a playback of up to 65H (with ANC). They also support ASAP charging technology, meaning that ust plug them in for 10 mins and enjoy 10H of blissful music.

Immortal 1300

Perfect for all the gamers out there, these headphones are powered with driverless spatial 3D sound. Not only do they sound amazing but the low latency mode ensures that your video and audio is always in sync.

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