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Top 5 People Search Websites

Whether you’re looking for long-lost friends or simply trying to get in touch with people you’ve lost touch with, there’s a people search website out there designed specifically for your needs. This list will help you find the best site for your individual needs based on the type of information you’re hoping to find. So, whether you’re trying to track down an old classmate or find out more about an acquaintance, these sites can help.


Checkpeople.com has some of the most comprehensive listings for individuals available on the Internet. This site lets you search for people online by name, city, state and even provides you with an estimate of how many people live in said location. You can also use this information to find out whether or not someone is listed within a certain area code (great for tracking down long-lost friends who may have moved).

If you don’t know where your target lives, there’s also an extensive list of phone numbers that are updated daily. All of these listings are completely free — all you need to do is enter your subject’s first and last name into the provided field on Checkpeople.com. Once you’ve put in that simple request, be prepared to wait a few minutes while the results are displayed. If you feel that this may not be a quick enough service, there’s also an express listing option for a small additional fee of $20.

Whether it’s finding someone’s address or just trying to get in touch with someone from your past, Checkpeople.com can help put you in contact with some of the best people search sites on the Internet today!

USA People Search

USA People Search is one of the most advanced people search websites available online. This site lets you find information about individuals by using their name and state/city of residence — which means that this directory will provide you with more localized results than some other sites on our list. In addition to helping you determine where a person is located, this service will also help identify your target’s potential family members and associates.

USAPeopleSearch.com allows you to search for someone by their name and city/state of residence. The site’s advanced search function makes it possible to find individuals who do not have a listed telephone number or address. If you’re just looking for information about someone that you suspect may be living in your area, USA People Search can put you on the right track without any trouble at all.


When it comes to finding as much as possible about an individual as quickly as possible, there isn’t a better option than PeekYou. This people-search website uses more than 60 different data points to compile detailed profiles for each person registered with the service. All of this information is pulled from a number of different online sources, including social media profiles — so no matter what type of information you need, you can find it here. PeekYou will also allow you to search for an individual by name or email address, so there’s no limit as to what types of relevant information you’ll be able to discover about your target.

PeekYou is one of the most extensive people-search engines on this list, which means that it may not be a great option for those who are just looking for basic details about someone they’ve lost touch with. However, if you’re willing to do a little digging around, PeekYou can help provide some helpful information about your target with just a few keystrokes.


Zabasearch is a unique and versatile people search engine that provides you with access to information that can’t be found on other sites. This service allows you to find everything from criminal records to property ownership records — which means it’s probably the best choice for those who are interested in finding out more about someone they’ve never met before (like an online date or blind date, for example). ZabaSearch goes even further than this, though; this site also gives you access to key statistics about your subject like their age, phone number, and email address. Plus, if you’re willing to sign up with the site (for free), you’ll have full access to any available photos and videos that may be associated with your target’s profile.

Zabasearch is a unique people-search engine that allows you to find more than just names and addresses. This directory provides detailed information about your targets like their age, phone number, and email address, which can be extremely helpful when trying to contact someone you don’t already know. Plus, if you’re willing to sign up with the site (for free), you’ll have full access to any available photos and videos that may be associated with your target’s profile.


PeopleLookUp is one of the most advanced and comprehensive search directories on this list, as it provides everything from criminal history records to marriage records. This means that whether you’re looking for someone’s birth certificate or trying to find details about a possible criminal past, PeopleLookUp can help. This site also provides access to more than 400 million searchable public records, which can be extremely useful when you’re trying to put together the pieces of someone’s life story.

PeopleLookUp is another one of those sites that are best for individuals who really want to get down and dirty with their research — so if all you want is some basic information about your target, this may not be the best choice for you. However, suppose you’re willing to do some digging around. In that case, this directory will provide you with information like criminal history records and marriage records — which means that there’s no limit as to what type of information it can provide for visitors looking to learn more about their target.


So there you have it — five of the best people-search websites on the web. Whether you’re looking for someone’s email address, phone number, or other pertinent information about someone you’ve lost touch with, these directories can help. However, keep in mind that no search engine will provide 100 percent accurate results 100 percent of the time, so if you’re looking to conduct more serious research into your target’s life, digging around on multiple different sites may be necessary.

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