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What Is The Intranet? Microsoft SharePoint As An Example

We usually talk about external communication when a company creates personalized advertisements to tell its target audience. Today we speak instead of the internal communication of a company, carried out through the intranet. A widespread reality in large companies and multinationals but also increasingly common in medium and small companies. The intranet helps communication between colleagues, especially colleagues from different countries, and creates Employer Branding opportunities. A very effective tool for creating an intranet with a simple and engaging interface is Microsoft SharePoint, a tool we have already discussed in this article. Let’s take a closer look at all the advantages of this tool.

What Is The Intranet?

The intranet is a private corporate network to which only users belonging to the company have access. This allows workers to share content, comments, and articles about the company in the privacy of a personal network.

But What Is An Intelligent Intranet?

We can define an intelligent intranet when it is not “exploited” simply for the tool it is but also when it is used to provide services for people, monitoring, and governance.

In short, the intranet can become an actual workplace, socialization, and connection. And that’s precisely what Microsoft SharePoint does.

What Are The Strengths Of The Intranet?

It Must Be A Proper Working Tool

Documents can be found within the intranet. Questions can be asked to colleagues, which leads to work facilitation, and so on. It is essential that the intranet is always up to date, or it will become outdated for users. It is essential to maintain the connection functionality: create the function of having online chats with which employees can communicate with each other. For example, Microsoft Teams SharePoint offers a chat space to share with your colleagues.


The User Experience is significant: the user expects to receive important and relevant news for his work within the intranet. It can also become a management where you can interact with other employees and leaders involved and share feedback on the job. It must become like a digital version of your workplace, with the advantage of interacting from wherever you are.

Microsoft SharePoint also takes care of sending push notifications, thus increasing worker awareness and productivity.

Learn More About The Company

On the intranet, you will find all the information you need to discover better the company you belong to. For example, essential email addresses and telephone numbers, company charts, and departmental information, and generally consult the company organizational chart. On Microsoft SharePoint, in the Visio section, you can directly integrate the intranet phone book with user information without updating the organization chart continuously. Microsoft will do it for you. The same departments can build private spaces to work and collaborate, possibly sharing public and remote access documents.

A Digital Database

The intranet can become an extensive digital library where all users can find what they need. Regarding this point, there is an alarming fact: only 1% of people who use an intranet are satisfied with the search results. Microsoft SharePoint intervenes with its Intelligent Search in this way:

  • Knowledge Management: keeps the search for information as fluid and instantaneous as possible;
  • Collaboration between teams: thanks to chat and other elements, groups and departments can quickly communicate with each other to exchange information;
  • Project Management: even managers can find all the most critical data to extract the work faster.

Facilitate Daily Business Life

An intranet is also a simple tool for completing daily and functional tasks. An example is the ability to book rooms within the company, share forms of any kind, check payroll, ask for permits, and much more. The more functionalities the intranet has, the more employees will feel encouraged to access it and participate in the corporate culture.

Intranet Analytics

With the analytics of Microsoft SharePoint, there is also the possibility of analyzing the results and the most frequent searches of users to understand their work patterns. You will be able to explore important contents, the most sought-after documents, and services or the doubts and difficulties they have regarding their work or company website.

What Are The Goals Of The Microsoft SharePoint Intranet?

The question is quite simple. An intelligent intranet is where people can easily find documents and tools for monitoring and governance to facilitate specific information flows. The intranet is the infrastructure, but employees must make it stimulating and participatory. Employees have to enrich themselves and take care of themselves daily.

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