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Acquiring New Skills: Why It Matters And How To Do It

The ability to acquire new skills is essential and makes us attractive in the job market. With innovation rampant in every industry, more and more skills will be required of an employee or independent professional, regardless of age or previous experience. Is acquiring new skills important? What do we have to continue studying? And how to make learning routines? As a freelancer, my competitiveness also involves acquiring and improving new skills.

And every day, I dedicate some time to research and study. But it may seem like an exercise in style; I’m talking about constant and daily learning as a practice that allows oneself to stay up to date, in line with new trends in the job market, and to feed curiosity. It questions testing new things, seeing the world with new eyes, and experimenting. This gives us pleasure, intoxication, and fibrillation; it doesn’t matter if this improves productivity or makes meetings more lively. We are feeding the brain.

How To Make Learning Part Of Your Routine

How do you make learning routines? Many people just saying “study” relive school scenarios from which they wanted to escape. Studying is often synonymous with boredom and annoyance. Very well, but is there a job that doesn’t change, a role that, once learned, maintains those characteristics for 50 years? And does this ensure that we remain relevant in our job role? Will it allow us economic growth? If this is not the case, it is clear that acquiring new skills is essential not so much to stay up-to-date but precisely to stay on the market.

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My Routine Of Developing New Skills

Beyond duty, acquiring new skills for me remains a matter of personal pleasure. Before starting work, I always spend half an hour or an hour researching, discovering, or experimenting. However, it is true that my work is based precisely on this; so, for me, it’s really a routine, dealing with strategic marketing and value creation. If I didn’t do research and development daily, I wouldn’t be able to make the companies I follow competitive. That’s exactly why I’m writing this post: for me, it’s obvious, but for many, it’s not.

A Routine Becomes Such If It Has Motivation, Autonomy, And Purpose:

  • Motivation – Why do I want to learn? What drives me? I believe that knowledge is power. I don’t think I need to add anything else.
  • Autonomy – Knowledge brings me autonomy, makes me independent, and above all, frees me: from preconceptions, wrong methods, and wasting time. The routine takes place thanks to autonomy: what I do, I do for me, regardless of whether external conditions allow it, regardless of my mood.
  • Purpose – What is the purpose? It’s hedonic. Learning is a pleasure; searching for my brain is equivalent to hunting prey. We have kept hunting as a skill from our ancestors: primitive man ran and hunted; our limbic brain still serves these purposes. Diving into a quest to find new solutions is always an intriguing hunt for me.

How To Acquire New Skills So You Can Expand Your Knowledge

I always have an online course that I take. Today, finding effective courses that raise competitiveness is easy and often free. At this time of writing, I’m attending an advanced course in Word and one in Excel. Last year I learned Onenote, Hubspot, and Slack. I want to delve into professional writing next quarter and have already purchased two courses from a former Wall Street Journal reporter.

Am I spending a fortune on education? As I said, the prices are popular, and many educational institutions make it available for free, see Google and Amazon, and Harvard and MIT. Anyone who says that studying is for the rich is not telling the truth. Furthermore, I often go to the bookstore (or library): I find many new stimuli in the professional section. Just browsing the index of certain books produces many new ideas, stimulating curiosity about certain topics. A notepad is always in your pocket to write down everything, paper or digital.

What Are The Best Ways To Acquire New Skills? In Summary

I was summing up.

  • Attend workshops and seminars that cover topics of interest to you.
  • Read books on the topic of your interest.
  • Take a class or program to teach you the skills you want.

Finally, remember that competent people can make a difference: surround yourself with smart people. Repeat with me: surround yourself with smart people.

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