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Why Make A Business Plan Before Becoming A Micro-Entrepreneur?

The business plan should be given more attention by micro-entrepreneurs. Only some of them take the time to prepare and build one before creating their business. However, this document can bring them a lot. It allows them, in particular, to ensure the profitability of their project and measure the amount of income they will be able to earn from the activity. More broadly, it allows us to validate the interest in opting for the micro diet. In passing, let us emphasize that the business plan remains the standard for seeking financing, even – and especially – in micro-enterprises. Here are the benefits of the business plan for a micro-entrepreneur.

Make A Business Plan To Check The Profitability Of The Business Project

Micro-enterprise is a unique and simplified tax regime. It also presents specificities in the social field. Social security contributions – and taxes – are calculated on gross turnover and not on a result. Regarding taxes, the administration applies a reduction supposed to take into account the expenses encountered by the company. It subjects the remainder to the progressive scale of income tax (taxed at 0%, 11%, 30%, 41% or 45%).

Let us recall in this respect that a micro-entrepreneur can, under certain conditions, opt for the final payment of income tax. The tax is then calculated on turnover, without reduction, and according to the same frequency as social security contributions: every month or every quarter. That said, micro-entrepreneurs generally reason incorrectly about the profitability of their activity. They tend only to analyze the amount of revenue collected or, in the best case, the “tax” result, that is to say, the turnover net of reduction.

But profitability is not calculated like that. It is necessary to take into account all the expenses borne by the company as well as its investments (which it will use for several years). The construction of a forecast income statement allows the micro-entrepreneur to answer the question: “Will my activity be profitable?” “. In this sense, the business plan represents a decision-making tool since it can lead the entrepreneur to abandon a project that is not – or not sufficiently – profitable.

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Make A Business Plan To Measure The Revenue Generated By The Business

This is the other strong point of a micro-entrepreneur’s business plan. This document will allow the business creator to evaluate the income that he will be able to generate from his activity. The result, as we presented above, is not a flow. It constitutes “theoretical” financial information. In reality, the remuneration that a micro-entrepreneur can receive will depend on the amount of money in the company’s account.

Essential parameters, therefore, come into play here: payment deadlines. The dates on which customers pay the company and the dates on which the company pays its suppliers are of fundamental importance. To measure the potential income of a micro-entrepreneur, it is necessary to establish a cash flow budget. It is a forecast table that includes, on the one hand, receipts and, on the other hand, disbursements.

Collections mainly include revenues, aid and subsidies. Loan releases and VAT credit reimbursements must also be included. Disbursements, for their part, include all general costs of the company, VAT to be paid, salaries and social charges, taxes and… levies from the operator, which constitute, in a way, the remuneration of the micro-entrepreneur. The final cash balance must, of course, be positive.

Make A Business Plan To Verify The Interest Of The Micro Scheme (BNC Or BIC)

Finally, and this is one of its significant assets, the business plan makes it possible to validate the interest of the option for the micro regime (micro-BIC or micro-BNC). Contrary to what you might think, the micro is not necessarily the ideal diet. Sometimes, it is the opposite: it is unfavorable and financially penalizes the micro-entrepreneur. Concretely, he can make him pay more taxes and social charges than he should.

For what? For the reasons we have already mentioned above, taxes are based on a turnover in the micro regime, whereas, in an actual taxation regime, they are calculated on a result (after deduction charges). Thanks to the business plan and, more particularly, the income statement, it is possible to quickly compare the two regimes: the micro regime and the natural regime. Social charges must be neutralized by adding them to the accounting result.

Then, you must simulate a new calculation of social security contributions based on the “new result” (on the social security contributions simulator secu-independants.fr, for example). Finally, it is enough to compare the two hypotheses. At the tax level, it’s the same thing. The income tax simulation ( IRPP ) can be carried out online, directly on the impots.gouv.fr website. If necessary, a notice is available to fill in the fields.

Make Your Business Plan With The Entrepreneurs’ Corner Application

Le Coin Des Entrepreneurs provides you, in its digital application to support business creation, a course specially dedicated to micro-enterprises. It is very simple to use: you register, you enter your financial information, you validate your creation choices, and the application generates a complete business plan in PDF format that you can download for free.

Furthermore, several checks will help you verify the various points that we have discussed in this file. You will check the relevance of the micro-enterprise regime. Also, you will know if your project is profitable. Finally, you will be able to precisely determine the amount of your income for this new activity.

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Why Make A Business Plan Before Becoming A Micro-Entrepreneur?

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