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All You Need To Know On Selling Used Computer Memory

It can be difficult to know how to sell used computer RAM memory, but it’s essential to get the most money for it. This post will provide a detailed guide on how and why it’s crucial to test the memory before selling it. We’ll also discuss some of the benefits of selling memory online.

Why Should You Sell Used Computer RAM Memory?

There are a few reasons why you should sell used computer RAM memory.

  • First and foremost, it’s a great way to make extra money. Memory is a commodity item in high demand, so there is always a market for it.
  • Second, selling used memory helps reduce waste and keeps electronics out of landfills.
  • Finally, it’s good for the environment!

When you sell used memory, you are helping to keep precious resources from being wasted. So if you have any old computer RAM memory lying around, consider selling it online! You’ll be helping yourself and the planet at the same time.

How to Test the RAM Memory of a Used Computer?

So, you’ve decided to sell used computer RAM memory. Great! Before you do, though, you’ll need to test the memory. Testing the memory is an important step that can’t be skipped! How do you test it?

You can use free software like Memtest86+, which will run a series of tests on your memory and tell you if there are errors in any modules. To test the computer’s RAM memory, follow these steps:

  1. Download Memtest86+.
  2. Burn Memtest to a disk or USB Drive (instructions for this are included with the download).
  3. Boot from your newly created media (make sure to boot from a CD/USB drive instead of a hard drive).
  4. Let the program run automatically – it should take about 10 minutes.
  5. If there are no errors, restart your computer, and you’re done!

If the program reports any errors, it is better not to sell your memory to avoid any mishaps with whoever buys it.

Where to Sell Your Used Computer RAM Memory?

There are many places online where you can sell used RAM memory. eBay is an excellent place to start, be sure that you list it as “used” so that people know not to buy it if they want a brand new memory! You might also consider Craigslist or OfferUp, but be careful when dealing with buyers in person!

My favourite place is Amazon, but be sure that the memory is fully compatible with your country if you go here.

Other places where you can sell used computer RAM memory include:

OfferUp: This app/website lets you find nearby buyers and sellers for practically any item, making it an excellent choice to look into! OfferUp doesn’t charge any commission fees on sales as a bonus! That’s perfect if you’re trying to sell used electronic items like computer RAM memory.

You’ll probably have more luck selling old or broken electronics than new ones since they are harder to sell, so give it a shot!

Facebook Marketplace: You can post ads for free on the Marketplace section of Facebook! This is another app that makes it easy to sell items locally (to people nearby), and it’s convenient because you can use Messenger to communicate with interested buyers.

Swappa: Swappa is an online marketplace for buying and selling electronics. They take care of payment, packaging, and shipping, so all you have to do is take your memory out of your computer and ship it off once they’ve arranged payment!

It’s a pretty straightforward process, and I like how simple their site is to navigate and use, which means that using Swappa should be a breeze if you want to sell used electronics.

Reddit: If you’re not sure where to start, try posting on Reddit! Many subreddits are devoted to finding and selling items. Here, you can post links to any relevant eBay listings, Craigslist ads, or other online listings. Be aware that some subreddits don’t allow deal-related posts, so check before you post!

How To Get the Best Value for Your Ragged, Old, And Broken Memory?

Price is essential when selling used computer RAM memory, but it’s even more critical that your customers receive the quality they expect. That means carefully checking your memory condition before listing it for sale.

Remember, the more expensive your memory is, the more critical it is that you test it to ensure there are no errors before trying to sell it. In general, if a buyer has to return a product because of a problem, they won’t want to purchase from you again in the future. That means they’ll be less likely to pay for something with an error – even if it’s only one error!

To avoid having problems like this and still get a reasonable price for your memory, here are some things that you can do:

  1. Test your computer’s RAM memory under Memtest86+.
  2. Make sure all listed items have been tested.
  3. Include a “like new” condition note (even if it isn’t like new).
  4. Offer warranties or money-back guarantees with your products (if possible). A warranty at least doubles the price of your memory, so use it sparingly! If you offer a warranty, be sure to send it in writing and have the buyer sign a copy of this document before shipping back their broken memory module!
  5. Take professional photos of your products using a DSLR camera. Try to include pictures from multiple angles and show that the customer has damaged or tampered with nothing after purchase. It’s also helpful to post pictures that do not hide defects on items – just zoom in on a defect, and a potential buyer will be able to see what the problem is.


If you’ve ever wanted to get rid of your old computer, or if it has broken and is no longer usable, but the memory still works well enough for someone else to use, there are plenty of ways that you can make some money off of it.

We recommend selling used computer RAM memory online to find the best deal possible on a new one. You could also take apart computers and sell individual components instead – just be sure not to damage any other parts while doing so!

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