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Beyond Digital Transformation: Evolution Is Necessary

The digital transformation is there, even for those who didn’t notice. It manifests itself in every contact with the customer with:

  • Superior value
  • UX
  • personalization

Like hashtags, these points are all connected, and technology is the means, which is not little, but it only solves with focusing on what matters.

And we’ve never been more involved with what makes the real difference. Worth a hug, the company of friends, and a crowd watching the sunset. Missing simple moments, in recent months, we need to learn quickly about how to humanize digital to maintain closeness.

We accelerated the pace, and still, we need to catch up because maturity can be forced. It is necessary to think about evolving, without jumps, without shortcuts, but quickly. We know exactly how to get there, and we can guarantee that there are no sunsets like the ones up there. Do you accept our invitation to watch? Just come!

Talking About Digital Transformation Is Already Talking About The Past

But, well, we need to talk!

Anyone who thinks they have time to spare to transform their company needs a shock, or they may be surprised by competitiveness problems. Increasing the dose of coffee can help, but more is needed, as it is necessary to start with the team’s culture. People train exhaustively to develop efficiency, and the day-to-day reinforces the focus on processes, practices, and procedures, which remain important, but are the tools, not the solutions.

At its heart, digital transformation is about using data to improve people’s lives, delivering superior solutions at every touchpoint, channel, and situation and to unique people.

The more a company scales its operation, the more different people relate to the brand. To generate value, managing and processing data about different needs is necessary.

If this already made sense at the beginning of the last century, now it pulses before us like a finger throbbing after a stump. Digital transformation expands the relationship universe of companies and increases the effects of our differences.

You can’t think of these changes as trends involving big data, disruption, AI, and other phenomena and technologies. There is no single solution, a service that satisfies different consumers with different cultures, in several countries, with different income standards.

It’s not just companies transforming. It is a changing society, and people need to join the movement.

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It All Starts At The Base

To know where to start with digital transformation, some may give in to the temptation to make a list of things, like installing a bot and using the blockchain, but nothing can be reduced to one or two measures besides being much more about using the bot than using it or not.

Another point is that the foundations of transformation begin with leadership, which needs to commit to changes, and the decentralization of decision-making power, which can be difficult for those who have become accustomed to it. Today, much of that power rests with the customer, who has a more present voice and, even if not directly, participates in decisions.

At least it should be like this: managers use empathy and information to make decisions about experiences, products, and services based on the consumer’s perspective.

Now, you also need to worry about team engagement. And more: learn to live with mistakes because they are part of learning. Of course there are limits, but an employee cannot feel the need to avoid changing so as not to be punished or overcharged for elementary errors that do not compromise the business.

  • Strong leadership action
  • Capacity building
  • Employee training
  • Tools update
  • Communication efficiency

Did you find a way to write down the checklist? All of this must go into the flow regarding user data and contact flows. It all comes to that.

1. Processes: Organizing To Do Well

Processes play a special role here, but they are not just about efficiency, quality of execution, and productivity. Digital processes are more flexible and personalized, aligned with the customer journey and dynamic.

Procedures that follow a pattern can finally benefit from automation, which frees people to take a strategic position dedicated to solving complex problems and situations. No more wasted time and resources!

Automated and digitized processes also generate more information. And this, you know, when well used, helps to identify bottlenecks and adapt actions. In digital companies, processes have to evolve progressively and automatically, like agile methodologies.

2. Models: Changing With The Wind

Most of us didn’t see the birth of television, but you don’t have to go too far back in history to realize that, in the beginning, radio was on TV. The same programs transmitted by radio stations began to be reproduced on the small screen. Time passed, and a new language emerged.

When the internet started, it was the same thing. The first sites reproduced promotional graphic materials and paper catalogs and needed to be more interactive because of the technological limitations of the time and how people saw communication.

Advertisers weren’t used to getting responses to their billboard ads. Now messages come from all over the place.

With the digital transformation, it’s not being any different, you know. We started with the same language and form: the business model.

3. Experience: Feeling The Result

What does the experience involve? We respond quickly: a broad survey of behavior and habits data that lets us detail the customer’s journey and guarantee the best of both worlds. But ok, so far, nothing new.

The point is that even the transformation of the airline industry that we use as an example is already a bit of the past. There is much more going on in the market because the customer identifies in a blink of an eye what is good for him, gets used to it quickly, and charges without embarrassment.

Therefore, the experience has become part of the value. The consumer wants to live a good life, including when he buys, asks, exchanges, indicates, complains, and waits. The more pleasant the experience, the more value the product and service has.

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