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Are you wondering why investing in Facebook and Instagram Ads? In practice, almost 60% of people have an account on the social network. The time people spend connected is also constantly increasing. Instagram is no exception. Its expansion is even more limited, but its popularity is growing more and more.

As you can guess, Facebook and Instagram are ideal grounds for reaching your potential customers. As customers increase, so do companies that decide to invest in online business. Relying on social networks for advertising your products and your company is not child’s play. That’s why, to have winning results, you need an expert in the sector.

Why Rely On Professionals For Facebook And Instagram Ads Campaigns?

It is impossible to improvise to win over the competition and remain competitive in this market. Serious, planned and strategic work is needed. At first glance, the Facebook and Instagram Ads advertising platforms may appear simple to approach. Many may feel tempted to sponsor their products themselves, creating DIY campaigns. Not talking about this would be presumptuous of us. Our task is not to promote our services because you cannot use Facebook and Instagram Ads, but because what we can offer you are real and significant results, not comparable to the work done by those who do not spend their days immersed. On social media for work (and not just spy on what the ex-boyfriend is doing).

It’s no secret online. You can find dozens of guides explaining how to optimize Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads campaigns. There are free tutorials, paid courses and tons of social media marketing pseudo-gurus ready to dispense advice and unravel the mysteries of this job. The truth? There is an unbridgeable chasm between hobbyists and professionals, as with any profession. You can buy courses to learn how to fix a broken water pipe. With passion and commitment, you would probably be able to repair minor faults in the house and carry out some maintenance.

But let’s face it, you could never do without a plumber in case of real need. There is a widespread opinion that to be a social media manager, it is enough to have a computer (even a laptop because it’s cooler), a decent internet connection and some technical knowledge to set up Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads campaigns. Sure, but the difference between the results is the same as you would find between a professional job and one done by your “cousin”. Do you want your business to leak water like a broken pipe?

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Why Exactly Exedere? We Are A Certified Facebook Ads Agency

Let’s highlight another concept: Using Facebook Ads (the same goes for Instagram Ads since it is the same advertising platform) is not a cost but an investment. Many people who ask us for a quote, burned mainly by DIY, are afraid to approach this world. They are so scared of losing money, and this is perfectly understandable. The solution? It will be much easier to explain what our work consists of and what we can offer for your business if we talk about it directly rather than reading an article.

Also, because every customer is unique to us, we want to know more about your needs, your market sector and the objectives you want to achieve thanks to advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram Ads. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram requires experience, imagination, creativity, passion and technique. These qualities are acquired with a lot of studies and continuous updating. We need to identify those strategies that are genuinely effective for you. The right strategies for you may not be suitable for another business, however similar and in the same industry as yours.

Choosing The Right Lenses For You

But why is the strategy for Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns so important? Simply because each business is unique, each entrepreneur is different from another. Let’s take two shops in the same city and perhaps a similar customer base. You might think: what does it take? The campaigns are practically the same and go. Instead, it is not like that. Only by knowing them better can we understand what their real needs are.

To a minimal audience, one of the two merchants may prefer to sponsor a particular product catalog to increase sales during sales or specific promotions. Its goal is, therefore, to obtain conversions. The other, on the other hand, wants to grow his business. Perhaps he is thinking of opening a new store or reaching more distant people and starting to sell online.

The Analysis Of The Results Of Facebook And Instagram Ads

Knowing how to analyze and measure the progress of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads campaigns is another factor not to be overlooked. It is not enough to set up a campaign, look for the best creativity, and invent imaginative texts if we leave it there without considering it. The secret in our work is never to be satisfied.

Through the advertising platform, we access a series of analysis tools that report all the data on the trend, the involvement of the public, the use of the budget etc. Knowing how to read them is not always easy because they must be evaluated according to the different objectives for which we have optimized the campaigns.

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The Most Common Questions About Facebook Ads And Instagram Ads

Better Facebook Ads Or Instagram Ads?

Facebook and Instagram utilize a similar promoting stage. This provides us with a ton of advantages. We can set a solitary spending plan, letting the Facebook calculation show the promotions to individuals generally under our objective, both on Facebook and Instagram.

If, then again, we favor a specific interpersonal organization over a different one, we can pick the positions, redoing them as wanted.

This applies to the news segment (the ” channel ” assuming we discuss Instagram) and the tales, which are great for connecting with general society. We can show our Instagram promotions by connecting them to items from the Facebook index. By and by, we will set up specific web-based businesses straightforwardly in the informal community. Along these lines, individuals will arrive at our item index, and we can decide to have them complete the buy by alluding them to our site or straightforwardly from the stage.

Yet, that isn’t all! Facebook and Instagram are associated with a broad organization of colleagues. Assuming we need them, our commercials will be displayed on stages outer of Facebook. These are the supposed Audience Network, which permits us to support our items on different applications downloaded by clients, and Instant Articles, articles that can be perused in the Facebook portable application. The financial plan will constantly be what you choose to contribute, not a penny more.

Can I Choose Who To Show My Adverts To?

Obviously! Picking the best crowd for every promotion, or focusing on the group, is a crucial stage. Assuming we get some unacceptable objective, we risk discarding our cash. We would be enticed to feel that it is wiser to show the promotions to additional individuals. We increment the chance of running into those intrigued. As it may, publicizing Facebook and Instagram Ads is an exceptionally specialized matter. We can’t depend on theoretical probabilities (except if we have an unlimited spending plan that we can waste freely).

What Types Of Creatives And Images Can I Sponsor On Facebook?

Facebook, however, particularly Instagram, bases its prosperity on pictures. For sponsorships, there is a wide range of conceivable outcomes. Our creative mind’s main cutoff, from single pictures to recordings to the merry, go-round of photographs to advance different items. Nonetheless, the proper procedure should not be missing even in this situation.

Each configuration is pretty much reasonable for a particular objective. On account of Facebook Analytics information, we can comprehend which sorts of promotions get the most commitment and adjust appropriately. The best way is to make convincing narration, which affects individuals, creating interest and assumption. Having numerous arrangements among recordings and pictures is extremely valuable for this reason. We will enjoy the twofold benefit of spreading the word, building client steadfastness and empowering them to follow us with energy while advancing the items we need to sell.

Do I Have A Chance To Expand My Market?

Utilizing Facebook and Instagram Ads for your business has tremendous potential. Indeed, even the littlest organization situated in suburbia has the chance to contact a vast crowd. You can see your income increment and even increase by adjusting your business techniques. Would you like to sell more? We can actuate an internet-based deals administration, maybe with the home conveyance or assortment in the store. Contingent upon your business, you can likewise decide to furnish help and counsel online with a paid participation.

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