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How To Diversify Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio

An investment portfolio is a total set of your cryptocurrencies brought together to generate income from their value growth. That is, if you buy any cryptocurrency, for example, bitcoin, you become an investor. At the same time, holding Bitcoin is not the same thing as having a crypto portfolio.

A smart investor always invests in a portfolio of assets and never bets on just one of them to avoid unnecessary risks.

After all, the price of this or that financial instrument just can’t steadily grow without fluctuations. Still, if you buy several of them, you don’t have to worry about the fate of each downward-moving asset. While the price of a particular investment goes deep, other financial instruments continue growing, thus, covering the losses. That is, a prudent investor excludes the chance that the depreciation of one asset will lead to draining all investments.

Fast and risky VS long and safe

The cryptocurrency market is now at the dawn of its formation. In this regard, no doubt its capitalization will grow in the long term. This means, despite short-term periods of stagnation, one can expect that the value of individual digital assets will increase over time.

This pattern allows holding an investment for the long term. One may not like such an approach. Studying the history of some coins, it is easy to see how some of them make 50-300% in a short time, while the rest cannot show such a return even over several years. Therefore, some aggressive traders try to catch such rapid movements, counting on fast but risky profits. In fact, only little-known coins with a small capitalization can perform many X.

That is, to earn in a short period of time, invest in a coin that can move sharply both up and down. The reason for the rapid movements is low capitalization.

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Diversification of the investment portfolio of cryptocurrencies

Thus, each of the 2 described models has its own advantages and disadvantages. But an experienced investor does not choose between these two strategies — one combines both. For example, you put half of the money for investment on a long-term basis and use the rest for risky short-term manipulations.

In this case, you will have to pay constant attention to your portfolio. Since the use of short-term strategies requires you to constantly keep your finger on the pulse of the cryptocurrency market, you should follow the news, monitor charts, study technical and fundamental analysis. In the case of long-term investment, it will be quite sufficient to convert BTC to ETH or vice versa and forget, only periodically making small adjustments.

Don’t forget that any investment strategy is always a risk. For example, Bitcoin is considered the most capitalized and stable cryptocurrency. They call it digital gold. Surely those who bought it at 20,000 USD for 1 coin got a profit only in three years. Therefore, before investing, be patient and prepare yourself to calmly observe, even if the value of the assets decreases by 70-80%.

Copy someone else’s portfolio

At first, it is difficult to understand all the intricacies of forming a cryptocurrency portfolio. Still, you want to invest, especially when the market is growing. In this case, don’t hesitate and copy other people’s crypto portfolios. The main thing — don’t do it in a hurry, act carefully and thoughtfully.

You can search for popular blogs and telegram channels that demonstrate exactly how they invest in crypto. When studying their portfolios, try to understand:

  • On what basis new coins are added to the portfolio?;
  • How does such an investment portfolio show itself during periods of stagnation in the crypto market?.

How do large funds act?

So, having allocated a certain amount, large investors break it down in percentage terms as follows:

  • 25% go for several top cryptocurrencies in the long term;
  • Another 25% are left for medium-term trading in altcoins that have a chance to get into the TOP;
  • 10% is left for arbitration, performed by automated advisors (robots);
  • 10% is allocated for automated trading;
  • Another 10% is left for trading on the news, tracking the most strongly risen and fallen coins;
  • 10% are kept for investments in interesting ICO;
  • And the last 10% are used to buy potentially profitable, but highly risky coins.


You should always remember that a cryptocurrency portfolio is not something that can be forgotten after formation. Even with long-term investing, you should monitor assets, removing those that look unpromising and exchanging them for potentially profitable ones.

At first, it will be enough to distribute the risks, investing most of it in large-cap cryptocurrencies, and giving a smaller part to altcoins that can boost. Don’t stop. A good investor is constantly looking for new ways to diversify their portfolio, applying different strategies, trading in both directions, using a variety of earning methods. Therefore, it is necessary to catch up with new knowledge about digital assets, trading, regulation, blockchain implementation, etc.

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