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How To Make Your Website Images Pop

The written content on your website is important. There’s no denying that. However, your imagery is just as important as the rest of your content.

Whether you are creating product pages or blog content, you can’t neglect the quality of your graphics and images. Strong imagery catches the eye and keeps your website visitors engaged in your content.

Making sure your pictures are the best that they can be is key to maximizing the success of your brand or blog. You can drive more people to your website and increase your sales or your readership.

How to Make Your Website Images Pop

So, how can you make your website images stand out? Follow our top tips below to make your images pop and leave a lasting impression on your website visitors.

Use the Right Image Format

When you’re uploading photo content onto your website, you need to use the right format. Otherwise, your images might look blurry or disproportionate.

There are multiple photo formats, and file extensions, with the most common two being PNG and JPEG. You can use a PNG maker or a JPEG converter to get the perfect format for your website.

Think About the Background

This next tip only applies if you are taking photographs for your website, as opposed to creating graphics. When you’re shooting images of people for your website or using product photography, the background is just as important as the objects or people in the foreground.

The background of a photo is what sets the scene and creates the overall mood of the image. If your backgrounds are messy and incoherent, it can distract your visitors and draw their attention away from what’s important (such as your products).

Keep your background clear and consistent to create professional and eye-catching imagery for your website. For product shots, use a black or white backdrop so that all the attention is on your products.

Sharpen Your Images

It’s always good to do some post-production editing. Take some time to sharpen certain areas of your photos to make them crisp and clear.

Make sure to sharpen your images before you scale them up or down to fit onto your website. This is especially important when you are creating product photos so that you can showcase them in the best light.

Vignette Your Images

Vignette is a technique that you can use to draw people’s attention to a particular part of your photos. It puts a dark blur or frame around the edges of your photos to bring people’s attention to the center of the image.

You can use a gradual vignette to avoid your images looking too harsh. Vignette always looks best when it’s subtle! Pretty much every photo editing software has a setting to increase or decrease the vignette, so you can add it in your images later if you forget to change your camera settings during a photoshoot.

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