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Reason Behind The Manufacturing Of Exclusive Gaming Smartphones

According to the latest estimates, the revenue from mobile gaming in India will cross 943 million US Dollars by 2022. This interest in mobile gaming, along with the release of computer quality games on smartphones, has driven several phone manufacturers to produce specific handsets for gaming.

An individual looking for a premium gaming smartphone cannot find one among the best phone under 15000. Gaming-oriented devices tend to sport a higher price tag, thanks to specialised features and specs. Still, listed below are some valid reasons why specific smartphones built for gaming were necessary under the current scenario.

Games Require Significant Storage Memory

Running social media applications on your phone is not the same as running a memory-intensive video game. In most cases, these latter programmes tend to consume a significant amount of RAM. Thus, mobile phones with 4GB or even 6GB RAM may not be sufficient to run modern-day games at their highest fidelity.

Gaming handsets today, ship with 8GB or more RAM. This enables such devices to run games while also handling background processes. Otherwise, users may face frequent hanging or crashes while enjoying a game session.

A Powerful Processor

Whether you are a PC or phone gamer, the basic requirement remains identical. To run the most current mobile games, one would need to acquire devices with power chipsets. Premium-end octa-core processors can multitask easily, managing gaming operations smoothly. Additionally, an impressive SoC can keep things cool under the phone’s hood, preventing any damage from overheating.

Processors in standard phones are simply incapable of gaming. Only the best gaming phones can fulfil this requirement effectively.

High Refresh Rate Display

For a smartphone gamer, the refresh rate is far more important than the actual display size. Refresh rate refers to the number of frames that a screen is capable of showing in one second. Presently, several gaming phones are equipped with 90Hz refresh rate screens, which ensure smoother gameplay without any stuttering. While one can look for such features in the best mobile under 15000, they will likely fail to locate it in this price segment.

An Impressive Graphical Processing Unit

The final graphical quality in a game depends more on the GPU than on the CPU. Several companies, such as Mali, produce special GPUs for smartphones, which can ensure maximum graphical detailing while playing modern-day games on your phone. The best gaming phones boast of top-of-the-line graphical processors.

Long Battery Backup

The worst thing that can happen while playing a game is the phone turning off due to lack of charge. A sizable battery capacity can ensure that such unfortunate incidents do not occur. Even the best mobile under 15000 sport significant battery backup these days. Some of them also support quick charging functionalities, allowing rapid charging in just a few minutes.

These are some of the specifications where a gaming phone differs from regular handsets. Thus, smartphone companies have decided to devise phones exclusively for gaming.

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As such, forget about the price tags and opt the best gaming smartphones available in the market from brands like Apple, Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, etc.

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