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Understanding The 7 Vital Technologies In SEO

The significance of Search Engine Optimization or SEO as a digital marketing strategy has been emphasized numerous times. SEO is vital because it makes your website more visible, generates more traffic, and gives you a chance to turn those users into paying customers.

So, if you want to increase your online presence and earn more traffic to your website, you should consider using SEO as your marketing strategy. Along with this, you must also understand the seven crucial technologies in SEO to know how well this method will help your business in this tech age.

TF*IDF or Term Frequency times Inverse Document Frequency

TF*IDF analyzes how you utilize a term on a particular page, using a web page selection for that particular keyword as a comparison. Although TF*IDF appears to be a keyword density measure, it assesses the significance of a keyword phrase by evaluating its frequency across a large sample of documents.

Even though it’s unclear whether Google includes TF*IDF in its algorithm, it’s a good idea to include it in your on-page SEO plan. You must write material aimed at a specific keyword before using TF*IDF. Plug the finished product into a TF*IDF tool. Text Tools, SurferSEO, SEO PowerSuite, and Ryte are a few suggested choices.

Sound complicated? Then hire an SEO expert with a better understanding of TF*IDF than you. However, when choosing the best SEO firm for your business, you must consider selecting a local agency.

Hiring a local SEO expert has a better understanding of your target demographics. For example, if you are in the United States, a US-based SEO expert understands the US market better than SEO specialists outside the country. It’s their people, so they know how to attract and what these markets need.

Meanwhile, Australian SEO specialists like Impressive Digital – SEO Firm Sydney know what needs to be done to capture Australian audiences’ attention and entice them to visit your site. They live within the area, so they understand how the Australian market behaves.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural language processing, or NLP, is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables a machine to comprehend spoken or written human language. It’s an area that blends linguistics with computer science, enabling computers to ‘interpret’ and evaluate language to decode spoken and written language.

The BERT, or Bidirectional, Encoder Representations from Transformer’s algorithm launch, was formally released by Google in December 2019 around the globe. NLP was brought to light by this upgrade, and the SEO sector has been on the lookout for it ever since.

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Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Aside from NLP, another technology helps shape SEO. Making compelling terms and phrases in the form of natural language is known as natural language generation or NLG. NLG is generated using your structured data. It converts your data into text that sounds natural. Also, it can write text far more quickly than the ordinary person.

Its functions, however, go beyond that. NLG permits the modification of current content and automation. It can also be used to produce:

  • Graphs
  • Numerical Data
  • Images


GPT-3 is an AI language model created by OpenAI. It uses a comprehensive model called a “transformer.” The model is pretty straightforward, but what makes it effective is how its ability and precision are directly correlated with the quantity of information it was taught and the duration of that learning.

In short, GPT-3 is the first AI to successfully complete the Turing Test, producing remarkably convincing content as if written by a human. It can be instructed to write on any subject, tone, voice, or style. You can think of GPT-3 as a professional copywriter with access to all the information on the Internet.

SEO A/B testing

Usually, SEO places a greater emphasis on user A/B testing than SEO A/B testing. User testing includes randomly distributing your site visitors to various versions of your website and finally picking which one to utilize depending on performance.

A/B testing only tells you whenever the page is overwhelmed. In contrast, multivariate testing simultaneously examines various portions of the page to determine which combinations of webpage modifications are most successful for visitors.

On-Page Content Optimization Automation

Checking SERPs’ top-ranking page, examining each piece of content’s SERP position, and determining which precise headings and subheadings each page addresses can take a long time. Hours must be painstakingly spent reviewing each piece of information and noting the most crucial details to add to your article.

Save time and use specific on-page content optimization tools such as Frase AI and Content Harmony. Rather than spending hours creating content outlines and collecting the data you want to include in your content, you can move on to other tasks.

Non-text Content Factors

Because they improve your site’s user experience, non-textual content factors are becoming increasingly significant in SEO. Reading through blocks of text isn’t engaging to any readers. That’s why you should also consider including non-text elements in your content, like:

  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Animation
  • Infographics
  • Slideshows
  • Downloadable files

Final Thoughts

SEO has become the most popular marketing approach in this era, which is why your business will benefit highly if you use this method. With the technology that surrounds SEO, there is no doubt that it can improve your online presence, and website visitors skyrocket to the roof.

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