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Visit Androidtv.com/setup – Set Up The Android TV By Using The Configuration

Android TVs are a great source of entertainment in these modern times as they come up with many features like multimedia applications, android applications, other services, and games. So, the age-old television sets are now replaced with android TVs. However, the installation process is not as simple as buying an android TV. To enjoy the benefits of an Android TV, you must follow a few steps to fix it. We will give you a detailed explanation of how to do it by yourself.

Android TV is a smart platform that uses Android as its operating system, which is adapted for big screens. The Android TVs are developed by Google and have an in-built Google Assistant. The Android operating system supports Android TVs and soundbars, digital media players, set-top boxes, etc.

Android TVs are operated through remote control, and they have an integrated Chromecast. Users can stream content on their android TVs either through in-built or paid apps. Users can also play their favorite games and can have access to many multimedia applications. Android TV gives you ample entertainment in your comfortable home. It is very easy to set up an Android TV. There are a few simple ways to fix it. Please follow the methods we have explained in this article to set up an Android TV.

The preliminary requirements to set up an Android TV

To set up any Android device, whether an Android TV or a player or an Android phone, you should run an installation process to register a Google account. Choose the apps you want to install on your device, and you can download them from the play store. You must also register your device with the manufacturer. You can carry out this process either by using an android phone or with the help of a web browser, or by entering the required data on the device manually by using the remote.

Out of the three methods, the last one is a clumsy and inconvenient process. It is always simple and easy to use any of the first two methods, which we will discuss step-by-step. If you are left with no other choice, go for the manual installation.

To start the installation process, you must do the following.

  • To switch on the TV, you must supply it with power by connecting one end of the cord to the power outlet and the other to the HDMI hack as per the manufacturer’s scheme.
  • Choose your preferred language and go to the next screen.
  • Then set up your Android TV using an android phone, the easiest of all three methods, or you can manage the settings through the configuration “androidtv.com/setup” If the first two methods are not handy, there is no other option left except for the manual method.

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The two methods of installation of an Android TV

We have explained in detail the two methods of installation. Please follow the below steps.

Set up the Android TV with an Android phone

  • You must configure the android TV just like you do it for your android phone. The process is straightforward, as follows.
  • Initially, go to the phone setting and search for Google options.
  • Now click on the option, ‘configure and restore‘ and then on ‘set near the device.’
  • Then press on the option ‘Next‘ to go to the next screen. Your android phone will detect the TV after searching for a few seconds.
  • A code is displayed on both the Android phone and the Android TV. The two codes must be the same. Then click on the ‘Next‘ option.
  • Now choose and select the Wi-Fi network displayed on the screen the Android TV must get connected to.
  • You must authorize the process by allowing Google to copy the network from your phone to your Android Tv.
  • When the network is connected, now select the Google account on your Android TV you would like to use.
  • Accept the terms and conditions displayed on your device to set up the TV. Google shows you the options one after the other you should accept to finish the installation process.
  • Then you can choose the app suggestions you want to install on your device or skip the process to do it later.
  • Thus, the Android TV setup is accomplished with the help of an android phone.

Set up the Android TV by using the configuration “androidtv.com/setup”

The first method of installation is simple and easy. However, if you do not have an android phone to set up, you can try the following installation method, which is done with the help of the website “visit androidtv.com/setup” It would help if you had a web browser to do it.

  • Click on the ‘skip‘ option on your TV screen that says, ‘Install with another Android device.’ Now connect to the Wi-Fi network you want to use.
  • Select the option ‘sign in with your Google account‘ with the help of your phone or computer, as it is difficult to type with a remote.
  • Open any web browser on your device and visit the website “androidtv.com/setup” Then a code appears on the TV screen. Make a note of it.
  • Now sign into your web browser with your Google account. This is transferred to your Android TV.
  • The final step is accepting the terms and conditions of use and downloading the apps you want to install.
  • Thus, the Android TV setup is finished.

So, you can follow any of the above two methods to complete the installation process. It takes very little time to set up your Android TV using any two methods. When your TV is connected to the Wi-Fi network and you sign in to your Google account, you can start enjoying your favorite entertainment apps like Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Prime Video, Sony Liv, Zee5, etc. Some android TVs come with in-built apps. You can enjoy multimedia games as well. If you do not have a Wi-Fi connection, you can set up a hotspot on your TV by using your mobile phone’s network.

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