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Expand Your Network On LinkedIn: Our Ten Tips To Adopt

Try not to disregard your LinkedIn profile and company page. Similarly, we “google” you; presently, we “interface” you. Anything that the size of your design, your presence is fundamental. Did you know that 60% of LinkedIn clients follow Organization Pages? Now is the ideal time to extend your organization.

Tip 1: Know Your Target On LinkedIn

The stage addresses specific areas of action: advances, correspondence, promotion, people in general, and money. Altogether, this addresses almost 10 million individuals in India.

It is an expert informal organization, yet if you know how to make it happen, LinkedIn is likewise a strong switch for:

  • Carry out customer prospecting
  • Acquire leads
  • Recruit new employees
  • Communicate about your projects
  • Work on your e-reputation

Nonetheless, there is a fundamental rule to apply about correspondence: adjust your discourse to those on the opposite side of the screen. On LinkedIn, there are leaders and directors whose typical age is 44. The accessibility time is short, and the quest for data should be proficient and top caliber. The necessity level regarding the composition and the subject’s significance outweighs everything else. Emoticons can be utilized. However, we suggest them sparingly.

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Deal with your LinkedIn standard. Words generally can’t do a picture justice and establish a first connection.

Tip 2: Know How To Make People Want

Possible collaborators, partners, and customers will visit your LinkedIn profile and company page! The first thing to do is to catch the attention and then make you want to continue reading.

Specifically, we advise you to:

  • Complete your profile summary as fully as possible. Be careful; remember to work on your storytelling to arouse the desire to go further.
  • Detail your expertise and experiences.
  • Ask your professional entourage for recommendations.

To succeed on LinkedIn in 2018, you must not sell or describe. You have to suggest… a bit like this picture that tells a story. This is how you will succeed in generating leads and increasing your number of contacts.

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Did you know? Our referencing agency holds recognized editorial expertise within its Editorial Department, the Voltaire Certificate. Do not hesitate to delegate your content to us and entrust us with your editorial strategy.

Tip 3: Know How To Invite

Be a gentleman! On LinkedIn, your network expands thanks to the invitation system. Place yourself on the side of the contact you are requesting. He must ensure that the request comes from you and not from an automatic click or a little prank from your children! The invitation process on LinkedIn can be divided into four categories:

  • Members who accept almost everyone,
  • Those who agree after considering the invitation and the profile,
  • Profiles that admit into their network people with whom they have had prior exchanges,
  • People who only accept people they know “in real life”.

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Although categories 1 and 4 do not require personalized wording, we always recommend you send a careful request. To inspire you, here is the “rule” of the 5 Ps :

  • Polite: polite
  • Relevant: relevant
  • Personalized: personalized
  • professional: professional
  • Praiseful: complimentary (optional)

Concretely, once the interesting contact has been found, press the “Connect” button. Do not click “Send now” but “Add a note” to personalize your invitation.

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Tip 4: Be “Findable” On LinkedIn

If your presentation has been worked on, there is no reason that other members of the LinkedIn network should not be interested in your profile or your page. But we still have to find you! Remember: 10 million profiles in France! Your page and publications must get out of the bottle sent to the sea syndrome. To do this, we recommend publishing as publicly as possible, detailing your profile, developing your network and enhancing your specificity.

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We are an SEO agency, so you see us coming… Before writing, we recommend defining the strategic keywords and then writing a large amount of content. This is to make your profile go up when a member searches. Also, don’t forget that your LinkedIn profile usually appears on the first page of Google!

Parameters To Modify To Be Visible On LinkedIn

In the “Privacy” tab, several options will be useful to enhance your visibility:

  • Modification of the profile in public to appear in search engines.
  • Sharing profile changes to inform people in his network.
  • Notification of relationships, when you’re mentioned in the news, is about letting people know you’re being talked about.
  • Enabling profile views as it helps to keep track of when you visit profiles.
  • Modification of your URL to personalize it. LinkedIn Support walks you through how to do this here.
  • Activation of the “Followers” option allows non-contacts to follow your publications.
  • To use all your e-mail or telephone contacts, you can activate: “suggest as a relation according to your e-mail address” or “suggest as a relation according to your telephone number”.
  • Publish his profile in another language. If you want to expand internationally, this is a must. In addition, you can extend your network in this way, especially if you already have a few English- or Spanish-speaking customers, partners or contacts.

Tip 5: The LinkedIn Search Bar

The search bar is a powerful ally. Do not hesitate to use it to find prospects your competitors are probably ignoring. In the new version of LinkedIn’s standard search, you can prefix the search phrase with the “title:” operator. For example, if you are looking for a company, type: “company:”. The engine selects the profiles whose current company is the one mentioned. This operation also works for large schools and universities with “school:”.

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To refine the relevance of your search, we recommend that you use the advanced mode and practice the Boolean operators (AND, OR, etc.).

Tip 6: Invite Four People/Day

To the question: how do I expand my network on LinkedIn? The simplest answer is very basically to invite people to join your network. For this, we advise you to lean on your relations with the 1st circle and send invitations to reach the 2nd and 3rd circle profiles.

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Invite four people every day. Indeed, this approach allows you to increase your network gradually. These people can be people you meet during a business meeting, or you don’t know.

Tip 7: Who Viewed Your Profile

The “profile views” section is useful for expanding your LinkedIn network. This allows you to enter into a relationship more easily. Indeed, if a person visits your profile, they are interested in an aspect of your career or some of your skills.

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Take advantage of visiting your profile to identify something in common with the person and thus create contact. Another trick is to ask him the question more directly.

Tip 8: Create Or Join A Group On LinkedIn

Joining a group is a very effective technique for expanding your network. It corresponds to what is practiced in traditional networking. Groups are created in a center of common interest, and professional relations are formed around the exchange of information. How to proceed? Click on the “Discover Groups” link. Then ask to integrate those that are relevant. As an agency or business, it’s also an insightful way to demonstrate your expertise and forge close ties with clients or prospects.

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Never forget that LinkedIn is a social network. It is, therefore, a question of using it in this sense. Groups are an opportunity to reconstitute more specific communities where influencers will be found. They could become your ambassadors by regularly relaying your information. In addition, the animation of your page or your profile by comments, shares, etc., is essential. It is, in essence, this type of activity that defines a social network.

Tip 9: Create Your Company Page On LinkedIn

If you haven’t already, we strongly encourage you to create your company page on LinkedIn. This video presents a quick tutorial, but you can also use our services to save time, quality and performance.

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The saying “Give, and you will receive” has proven itself on social networks. As we told you earlier, publishing a few weekly articles is crucial. The goal is to generate website traffic and animate your network.

Tip 10: Get Started With LinkedIn Ads

The content strategy is proving successful on LinkedIn, provided it is seen. Basically, like on other social networks, you have to play on the engagement rate and the reach of your publications. How to achieve this more efficiently? A “LinkedIn Ads” module allows you to strengthen your digital communication through the advertising system.

Be careful; on LinkedIn, members are not looking to buy. The active community generally includes consultants, job seekers, recruiters and salespeople. However, the interest of LinkedIn Ads is to allow you to target a high-level 2B2 or in the High Tech sector. This is all the more effective since the improvement of its advertising services in 2017.

Since this module is less used than other advertising networks, visibility is achieved much more easily. Our Social Media Department has qualified experts to support you in a LinkedIn Ads campaign. LinkedIn Ads to reach businesses in B2B ( Source of info )

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Don’t forget to consult your statistics to adjust your strategy and measure the impact of your campaigns and your publications.

In conclusion, on LinkedIn, a content-based strategy pays off in the long run. This builds your credibility and demonstrates that you are an expert in your field. Using LinkedIn Ads is relevant, provided you have a minimum budget and are guided in the strategy. Our SEO and 360 digital strategy agency is at your disposal to support you in your digital communication.

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