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Private Chat App With Encryption And Protected And Encrypted Messages

Assume we need to trade secure messages on our cells resistant to capture and spy confirmation. We ought to fail to remember most of the standard applications we use on the telephone, including Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp. While the vast majority of these applications have given start to finish encryption, a great deal of information goes on unavailable servers, and we couldn’t say whether it can, in any case, be reached by a court warrant or an uncommonly gifted programmer.

Consequently, we have chosen to gather in this guide the best Apps for sending private and secure messages from your cell phone, so you can visit with your companions and family members in outright wellbeing and with complete protection because of the start to finish encryption that causes messages uninterruptible and confused even by the individuals who to deal with the servers or by state-run administrations. Regardless of whether all the applications vow to be protected and sacred, you want to check to assume there are some inborn wellbeing highlights obvious exclusively by external bodies (for example, the EEF, indeed the office is more solid for this kind of inquiry).

What Features Should A Secure Chat App Have?

A truly secure messaging app should have the following requirements.

  • Encrypt messages at all stages of communication
  • End-to-end encryption so that employees of the company managing the messaging service cannot read communications
  • Ability to check who you are communicating with
  • Communication history security in case encryption keys are stolen
  • External and independent inspectors can judge the open app code
  • The design and implementation of the cryptography are documented
  • The code has been checked over the past year

If an application meets no less than one of the initial four measures, it may be thought of as unstable. This implies that the most famous correspondence applications like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Snapchat, and Viber don’t meet these prerequisites (regardless of whether these applications have the choice for a solid visit, as we will see). The stressing thing is that all parent organizations, except for Apple, can unscramble and peruse any message traded. The expected outcome is that legislatures and specialists can demand narratives to pursue these messages when they see fit.

Best Secure And Encrypted Apps

After all this talk, let’s see how the most used apps respect privacy and which ones offer genuinely secure and encrypted communication. Although they work differently, some applications meet all the secure, encrypted, and intrusion-proof communication parameters.

Signal Messenger

The individuals who are worried about security or, on the other hand, assuming you need correspondence that leaves no follows and can’t be captured can along these lines use, for instance, Signal Messenger, one of the most secure applications with a start to finish encryption accessible for Android and iPhone/iPad.

This application utilizes no transitional server and consequently permits you to send messages and settle on decisions in a protected and block attempt resistant way. You can send texts with notes, pictures, GIFs and recordings during the visit. All are traded with the most extreme security in and out. On the application, we can likewise expand the security of messages by setting an insurance PIN, which will again encode the application records put away on the telephone (they can’t be recuperated without).


Telegram is the second most used messaging app after Whatsapp, which prides itself on being accessible and uncensored. The only problem is that on Telegram, the encryption that makes messages private, protected and untraceable must be activated manually through the secret mode of Telegram. Opening the application’s side menu, we will find the thing New mystery talk, which permits you to trade messages with a confided in touch without going through any server and safeguarding the changed contents (warnings from secret discussions are unknown).

To further increase the security level of the visit, we can set a fall to pieces clock, which will obliterate all messages after the predefined time. In the case of an individual call, the encryption is high. We will want to check progressively, assuming it has been abused or adjusted by checking the emoticon shown at the top (they should concur with those appearing on the application of our questionnaire).


WhatsApp is the most utilized visit application internationally, simple to utilize and inconceivably adaptable. Enrollment for Whatsapp happens using a phone number. While until a couple of years prior, it was viewed as an unreliable visit, today WhatsApp has a solid start to finish encryption with the goal that nobody, neither WhatsApp nor others, can peruse your messages.

The main issue is that Facebook’s WhatsApp and Whatsapp share a little information with Facebook. Whatsapp can, along these lines, be viewed as a safe application but not excessively private.

Facebook Messenger

As the thought of some time back, Facebook Messenger has scrambled secret talk, regardless of whether you need to initiate it physically (like on Telegram), and it isn’t the default choice. Consequently, standard discussions on Messenger are not private and can be perused by Facebook representatives and proficient programmers. Besides, Messenger information is essential for Facebook, and in this manner, a similar worry for protection seen for Whatsapp applies much more.


iMessage, Apple’s informing framework, has encryption yet two huge burdens: first, it must be involved between Apple gadgets and doesn’t exist for Android. Another issue is iCloud’s talk reinforcement highlight, as the iPhone stores the gadget’s encryption key on Apple’s servers. It becomes feasible for somebody to decode messages and read them by getting the key from the reinforcement.


Assuming we are searching for a characteristic choice to Signal or Telegram, we can attempt the Wickr Me application, which is accessible for Android and iPhone. This application permits you to talk safely and secretly, without the chance of interference of messages, with a start to finish encryption. The characteristic of this specific application, much utilized by programmers, is that it is a visit with falling to pieces messages, as seen on Telegram in private mode. The primary minor defect is that there is no detailed documentation on the cryptography utilized, and the code isn’t open for a check.


Another application like the past ones is Threema, accessible for Android and iPhone. The application is entirely open-source, with servers in Switzerland (meaning the information benefits from that country’s strict protection regulations). The imperfection is that it isn’t free, regardless of whether the cost of 4 Euros shouldn’t frighten you much and ensures the nature of the assistance.

Skype And Viber

Skype and Viber, which are very famous and used worldwide, do not have encrypted chats but allow you to activate end-to-end encryption for single chats manually.


Regardless of whether it is not very notable, a safe application is Wire, accessible for Android and iPhone cell phones and Windows PCs, Macs, and Linux. Wire permits you to talk safely in gatherings and single visits, utilizing start to finish encryption given the Signal convention. The code is open source and confirmed.


There is no shortage of secure apps with advanced encryption, so every time we have to send a compromising message or secretly chat with friends or relatives, make sure you use one of the apps above since (in the vast majority of cases) they are effortless to use.

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