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Fun Science Activities For School Kids

Science is the foundation of all human knowledge. Kids need to master scientific techniques in order to be functional adults. If you want some help with planning fun science activities for your school kids, you can check out the Adobe Education Exchange platform that offers a wide range of options. Here are a few delightful 4th grade science projects activities to bring science to life in any classroom.

Frozen Fractals Ice Sculptures

One kind of science project that all kids love doing is exploring the world of frozen water. This one combines math and science. You will need some ice cube trays, liquid food color, glitter, paintbrushes, and some water to keep it all clean. Make ice cubes in advance with glitter and food coloring in them before you begin the activity. Crack the ice cubes into different sizes. Let kids take the ice cubes and stack them on top one by one to create an ice sculpture.

Homemade Giant Bubbles

Bubbles of all kinds allow kids to get a feel for the natural world around them. You can make bubbles in your classroom with a few inexpensive items. Take six cups of tap water and dissolve half a cup of cornstarch in the water. Add a tablespoon of baking powder, a tablespoon of glycerin, and half a cup of dish detergent. Combine the whole mixture and let sit. Have kids create large bubbles and see where they land. Kids can learn about chemistry and how it works in the real world. They can also have fun creating lots of different-sized bubbles made of many colors.

Grapes Into Raisins

Raisins are just dried grapes. Students know this in the abstract, but it can be hard to visualize. Have students bring in varied types of grapes into the classroom, such as red grapes, champagne grapes, and grapes with seeds in them. Put the grapes in front of a sunny spot in one place in a room. This is a slow experiment that can be left on the back burner while you do other things. Ask students to take pictures of the grapes in the sun every other day. Have them see which particular grapes are getting more shrunken while other grapes are retaining a great deal of water. That helps them see how varieties of fruit work in the world around them.

Mosaic Egg Carton Structures

Items like egg cartons that might otherwise get thrown out can be used in your classroom. Now is the time to turn these into science projects that teach kids about the movement of space and the way water materials interact. Cut up the cartoons into all sorts of fun shapes. Ask kids to create shapes like rectangles and triangles. Color the plain white cartoon cutouts with paint to add something of interest. Have each kid draw up their intended results and describe them before they begin. Using hot glue, stack the shapes on top of each other to create art that also uses math and science.

These are just a few of the many fun and simple science activities that can be easily implemented in the classroom. By making science fun, you will cultivate a lifelong love of learning.

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