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iPhone 12: The Apple Smartphones Are So Fast, Challenging, & Environmentally Friendly

Apple introduced the iPhone 12 – in four different versions. There is also an iPhone Mini for the first time. In addition, all models are ready for the upcoming 5G mobile communications standard. But for whom are the new smartphones worth it? iPhone events are always something like Christmas for fans. When Apple introduces a new smartphone, we can usually look forward to improved technology, sometimes a unique design, and a few surprises.

This time Apple presented four models of the new iPhone 12, which are already equipped for the upcoming 5G mobile communications standard. For anyone interested: The event’s total length is available on YouTube.

The New iPhone 12 Is That Fast

The motto of the Apple event this time was “Hi, Speed” – for a good reason. Under perfect conditions, the new iPhone achieves a download speed of up to 3.5 gigabits per second. In combination with the latest 5G radio, it can reach speeds that were previously not possible. However, until the radio network is expanded, this will only be possible in the appropriate radio cells.

The iPhone 12 Is Rugged And Boxy

In addition, the iPhone 12 has also changed visually. A new design promises straight edges reminiscent of the iPhone 4. The case has also become a bit lighter and thinner.

Apple also uses a new glass on the front and back, four times harder than the iPhone 11 thanks to nanotechnology. According to their information, the glass with a ceramic surface should also be more break-resistant. The screen measures a total of 6.1 inches.

Apple Has Four Different Models Up Its Sleeve

In addition to the standard model, Apple also introduced an iPhone Mini, smaller than the iPhone 8 or iPhone SE, but has a larger 5.4-inch screen thanks to narrow bezels. Both devices have a dual camera. They also come with a sharp OLED display and a storage capacity of 64 to a maximum of 256 gigabytes. You can also choose between blue, red, yellow, green and black.

The New iPhone 12 Pro And iPhone 12 Pro Max

Of course, there are also new Pro models: The iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max also come with a 6.1 and 6.7 OLED display, respectively. The differences between the standard and mini versions are mainly in the optics and the camera. The Pro models have matte glass on the back and an angular stainless steel frame.

The triple camera is also equipped with image stabilisation, intended to compensate for vibrations with a fluctuating image sensor. With HDR technology, the devices should also record and edit very high-contrast, high-quality videos. The Pro model can also be pre-ordered from October 16, 2020, from 1,218 euros, and the Pro Max model from 1,559 euros from November 6, 2020.

Apple Pays More Attention To Environmental Protection

What is also new is that the iPhone 12 has become more environmentally friendly. A new A14 Bionic chip is installed in all models, which is said to be 15 percent faster than the A13 in the iPhone 11 and up to 30 percent more energy efficient.

In addition, Apple no longer puts earphones and charging plugs in the packaging, just a USB-C cable. Along with the iPhone 12, the company has presented a new USB-C power adapter for around 25 euros and a new charger. The Magsafe wireless charger charges the iPhone wirelessly with 15 watts and is also suitable for mobile transport. It is available for around 45 euros.

Who Is The iPhone 12 Suitable For?

A jump from the iPhone 11 to the iPhone 12 is only recommended for users who place incredibly high demands on their smartphone and ideally already have access to a 5G radio.

The technical innovations are, of course, remarkable. But for the everyday user, an upgrade should hardly be noticeable in everyday life – unless you are aiming for the camera of the Pro models. Otherwise, the earlier iPhone models still provide outstanding service – especially with the new operating system update to iOS 14.

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