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Android Smartphone In Danger, 400 Vulnerabilities Discovered

Check Point has found 400 weaknesses on Android cell phones equipped for jeopardizing clients’ information. Analysts at CheckPoint, a leading network safety master, have found more than 400 weaknesses influencing Android cell phones that truly jeopardize clients’ information and security. The news comes straightforwardly from the Israeli organization that has distributed an official statement given DEF CON 2020, quite possibly the main gathering committed to the universe of PC security, where the “DSP-Gate” report will be introduced in which this new one will be clarified the issue that plagues Android cell phones.

The issue concerns a specific kind of cell phone or the gadgets of a particular organization; however, most Android telephones are accessible. From Samsung cell phones to Xiaomi, Huawei and OnePlus (to name the most popular brands), everybody is presented to the 400 weaknesses found with a money order Point. The explanation is obvious: the DSP is a chip in all Qualcomm processors and, like this, in most Android cell phones. There is still no arrangement accessible for all clients for the occasion: Qualcomm has effectively pre-arranged the patches. Presently, it depends on individual producers to execute them on their gadgets. In this way, we should stand by one more several months.

What Is A DSP, And Why Is It Dangerous For Android Smartphones?

Probably few have heard of it until today, but DSP is a tiny device present inside Android smartphones. It is a digital signal processor. What is its task? That of efficiently executing sequences of systematic instructions in digital signal processing. This particular processor is found inside many devices: headphones, intelligent speakers, infotainment systems and various technological equipment. For example, the smartphone has the task of decoding MP3 files or lowering and raising the level of music.

Check Point researchers found that DSP is a new vector that hackers can use to propagate cyber attacks. There are 400 vulnerabilities discovered, but the Israeli company did not want to disclose too many technical aspects pending individual manufacturers’ release of corrective patches. To exploit this vulnerability to hackers, it might be enough to convince the user to install a simple app on the smartphone.

What Are The Risks That Users Run

The most significant risks for users relate to their data. Check Point emphasizes three main aspects that must be considered if a hacker exploits one of the vulnerabilities to infect a smartphone.

The smartphone spies on users. A hacker may remotely take control of the smartphone to start spying on user activity. But not only. It could also steal personal data such as photos, videos, call recordings.

The smartphone becomes inaccessible. As if you were infected with ransomware, the famous ransom virus that blocks access to your device and asks for a reward to unlock it, this new vulnerability can be used to make access to any information in the smartphone’s memory inaccessible.

The malware was impossible to remove. Hackers could install malware that hides their activity and is impossible to extract.

How To Solve The Problem

At the moment, users don’t have any tools to protect themselves from these vulnerabilities, but at the same time, hackers are unaware of the technicalities that make smartphones unsafe. Qualcomm has released patches CVE-2020-11201, CVE-2020-11202, CVE-2020-11202, CVE-2020-11206, CVE-2020-11207, CVE-2020-11208 and CVE-2020-11209, which will need to be used by individual manufacturers to implement them in future security updates.

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